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Behind The Hoverboard Is More To Know

The overall mastermind behind the hoverboard is Shan Chen. He is an inventor and engineer from China. While he was very happy with the outcome of the product, when he came to the USA around the holidays to promote it, there were those who weren't too happy. They don't like the idea that he has the patent on the hoverboard. The design was started in China and then he took it to the West coast in 2011 to be patented and worked on hoverboard.

Some feel the hoverboard can offer much more than it does. Other consumers are very happy with it and they can't wait to own one. The expectations can be a bit much with those that have the most advanced technology in their lives day after day. For those using the technology on a more reserved scale, it is an amazing jump into the realm of the unknown and the unexpected value of hoverboard.

With the sales of the hoverboard beyond all expectations, Chen has been quite impressed with the marketing and the distribution. One of the upsetting factors Chen didn't think about what the counterfeiting which would occur. Thousands of counterfeit hoverboards have been confiscated in the USA and the UK and it is believed many more have been able to circulate undetected. The quest to own one, to be among the celebrities riding them or the first on the block where you live, continues to be a driving force behind the sales.

Chen says he doesn't worry too much about the competitors or the copycats who are trying to put a spin on the original hoverboard so they can gain sales but not violate his patent. What is very upsetting though is he didn't make much money on all of the products being sold. The Hovertrax is the design he came up with and the cost has been extremely high to get them out there and into the market.

More than 11,000 factories in China took up the motion of making them, and they quickly had more than 1 million produced and ready to be distributed. Chen says he didn't get any of the profits from those orders. This is because they are creating imitation products that are competing with the real thing.

Even though this means the patent on the hoverboard has been infringed upon, very little can be done about it. The Chinese government and the USA government have been working hard to get those replicas off the market but it is a slow process. Chen says such is the life of an inventor, they pave the way for others and he has no hard feelings about it.

However, consumers who aren't getting the real hoverboards are the ones really upset by all of it. They continue to try to determine if what they have paid for is legitimate or a cleverly made knockoff that was illegally sold and distributed to make money for those who really didn't deserve it, for those that took what Chen created and make it their own money vessel. Get Cheaper Hoverboard For Sale is here from rth. You have read, Behind The Hoverboard Is More To Know.
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